What is the LEAD Program?

Motivation: Improving Governance

The LEAD Program aims to strengthen the governance systems by working directly with district administrators on flagship programs through the presence of on-ground Associates. Over the course of a year, Swaniti Initiative would leverage its knowledge on governance, data and technology tools along with a talented pool of professionals to deliver last mile implementation.

Design: Building LEADers

The program allows young professionals a chance to strategise and implement key development activities in a district. This places the Associates in an important position and gives them a chance to create large scale impact. The Associates work directly with a District Collector, attaining valuable guidance and mentorship. The Associates are provided knowledge support and supervision by Swaniti Initiative.

Impact: The sky is the limit

The Associates have a fixed set of responsibilities which include researching and analysing key developmental metrics and strengthening institutional mechanisms in the district administration. Even though the roles and responsibilities of Associates are clearly defined, the impact that they can create is limited only by their ideas, motivation and resolve.

What are the core responsibilities of LEAD Associates?

Assisting District Administration in Effective Implementation

Building community development solutions targeting vulnerable groups

Ideating with the Stakeholders & Providing Innovative Solutions

Conducting Ground Assessment & Research Analysis

Strengthening Existing Central & State Govt. Schemes

Sharing Best Practices Implemented Across the Country