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How was the LEAD (Leadership & Engagement Associate in District) Program initiated?

Even though the Govt. is increasingly dedicated toward delivering development, it is significantly understaffed. India has 1/5th the no. of bureaucrats in comparison to the US with a much larger population. This lack in human capital translates to poor implementation of programs. In an effort to bring efficiency to the development process, we aim to support the govt. through human capital and knowledge insights. Thus, the concept of LEAD came into being.

Who is a District Collector/Magistrate and what are his/her responsibilities?

A District Collector/Magistrate is the overall in-charge of development, revenue collection, maintaining law and order and dispute resolution in the district. He/She spearheads all the government departments which function in the district; such as public health, agriculture, public works, irrigation, education and water & sanitation, etc. A District Collector/Magistrate is the apex position holder in the administrative set-up of the district.

Who are the major stakeholders in the LEAD Program?

The associates and engagement managers will work directly with the district collectors. At the state level, the program will be managed by a nodal officer working within the State Government to oversee its smooth functioning.

What are the expectations from an Associate?

The Associates will be working in close coordination with the District Collector across diverse set of issues. Since they will be performing under challenging circumstances as per the Collector’s requirements, they need to showcase leadership potential and self-motivation. The Associates are expected to have a problem solving attitude and keen interest in public service.

What is the tenure of an Associate?

The tenure of an Associate is one year for allowing talented and experienced professionals to support the District Collector.

Who does an Associate report to?

The LEAD Program will leverage Swaniti’s experience and knowledge insights. There will be a reporting mechanism involving the State Government and the Swaniti team.

What is the compensation for Associates?

The Associates will receive an honorarium of INR. 50,000 per month, all inclusive.

What kind of projects will an Associate work on?

The Associates will be required to work on pre-defined set of schemes pertaining to the area of public health, water conservation, water & sanitation and local public service delivery etc. Their work will comprise of project management to fast-track implementation of priority schemes, providing ground-up feedback to District Collectors on schemes’ progress and strengthen concurrent monitoring & evaluation of key programs.

Are there any circumstances under which the Associateship can be terminated before a year?

In case an Associate acts inappropriately and/or is found to be involved in activities which act against the welfare of the people, his/her associateship will be terminated immediately.

In case an Associate wants to leave the Associateship before the completion of a year?

If an Associate leaves the Associateship before the end of the stipulated one year (counted from the date of the start), he/ she will not receive any certificate.

What future career paths are open to the Associates?

The Program aims at providing skills related to general management, communication, real time problem-solving, and stakeholder management, which are valuable across all sectors. The Associateship will prepare professionals to contribute to public service. Furthermore, the experience will also prepare candidates for pursuing professional and academic opportunities in their domains.